Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Providence Grove High School Barn

Please vote for the Providence Grove High School Barn - once a day over the next month. It's a special contest where money will be awarded for each vote.


According to Amy Kidd, FFA Instructor at Providence Grove H.S.

"The barn was built approximately in 1946 as a cattle barn by a man named Junius Doc (JD) Cheek. When the land was sold to the school, the school board realized the potential of having such a valuable resource for the agricultural program and left the barn on the campus of the school.

This project will be most beneficial to the community, the FFA chapter, the Alumni and the school. Our students need a facility in which they can learn the hands-on skills taught in the animal science classes. In addition, the barn also provides a space in which the area third graders come to visit the high school to learn about the origin of food in an activity we call, 'Fun on the farm.' By providing a renovated barn, we will continue to provide to the area third graders and hold workshops to the area farms on animal, goat, and crop care and maintenance."

Currently this barn in Randolph County is in the lead. Let us vote each day to make sure kids in Randolph County learn first hand the importance of agriculture in our County!

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